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Polyphon 9.0 – Sangoma Rec. Label Night

16 Februar, 2018-22:00


Im neuen Jahr packt G.O.N.Z,O gleich richtig aus! Mit voller Freude präsentieren wir die 9te Polyphon. Auf der letzten hatten wir zufällig hohen Besuch von Sangoma Records, die fanden uns cool, wir finden die cool, worin resultiert das? Ja in einer kleinen Sangoma Rec. Label Party 😉

Im Saal All-Night-Long Sangoma Sound, im Keller geht’s von Downtempo bis High-Teck, so dass für jeden was dabei ist.


🎶🎶 Sangoma-Floor (Saal) 🎶🎶

Gaspard – LIVE [Sangoma Rec.]

„Gaspard is older than the internet! His musical journey started with punk and metal, both of which remain predominant forces in his life. He first stumbled upon electronic music back in the early ‘90s, when Eat Static blew his mind at the Paradiso, Amsterdam.

From that moment the “psy switch” was flicked on and there was no looking back! He started dj-ing in 1996, and the rest is well…history.. In 2003, Peak Records was born, co-founded by Gaspard and friends Ajja S.F.Leu, Tanina Munchkina and Master Margherita. Gaspard compiled 7 of the label’s 9 Psy Trance compilations, in what has been described as ‘Swiss anti-cheese psychedelic style’!

In 2004 Ajja and Gaspard teamed up to form YabYum. Their first album “Nocturnal Emissions” (2006) is still a favourite with many-a freak. Their tracks are in constant demand with releases on international labels across the globe. The duo have recently revitalized the project and are set to build on their already sterling reputation.“

Daksinamurti [Sangoma Rec.]

„Daksinamurti is a psychedelic trance artist and Ethnologist from Marburg, Germany. Besides DJ’ing for over a decade, Till is managing the labels Sangoma and Timecode Records, and producing the Live act Android Spirit together with his friend Josef (Tickets).

In his early youth he fell in love with psychedelic music from the 1960’s, World Music and Reggae. End of the 90’s he discovered what was called “Goa trance” on the beaches and jungle parties in India, and was fascinated by the music’s driving beats, and hypnotic melodies vibrating in the air. He soon started to listen and collect tons of music, and hasn’t stopped since – developing a diverse taste for mind-bending music and studying its effects on minds, and bodies. Daksi is constantly on the quest to find new and exciting psychedelic music to release on the labels Sangoma and Timecode, which he runs with his label partner Emiel (Gata Freak) from Qatar.

Daksinamurti prefers to play extended DJ sets far from predictability and stereotypes to create a colorful storyline suitable for dance floors at any hour of the party. His trance inducing sets are ranging from night to light – colorful journeys through energetic psychedelic trance with strong grooves, organic and tribal soundscapes and occasionally a blend of timeless Goa melodies in a forest friendly outfit. Till’s love for diversity and mystical themes are also reflected in multiple compilation releases he worked on – always evolving his perspective of contemporary psychedelic music and culture.“

DJ sG4rY [Sangoma Rec.]

„sG4rY is a Psytrance-DJ, visual-anthropologist and movie maker from Bavaria, currently residing in its beautiful capital Munich. He represents the labels Sangoma Records as well as Purple Hexagon Records with his side project Brot3rys together with DJ Merry:) Due to his heavy itchy feet syndrom, his taste in a wide range of styles in Psychedelic Trance and the lust for encountering new like minded psychonauts, he performed at events such as Antaris Project (Germany) , Hilltop New Years Eve (Goa/India), Momento Demento Festival (Croatia), Kosmos Festival (Finland), Universal Religion (Nepal), Trimurti Festival (Russia), Yaga Gathering (Lithuania) and countless other events around Austria, Cambodia, Costa Rica, Croatia, Czech Republic, Finland, France, Greece, India, Italy, Lithuania, Malaysia, Nepal, Russia, South Africa, Switzerland, Singapore, Thailand, Turkey and the Netherlands.

Not being caught in one style or direction, he is constantly trying to discover and fuse different varieties of psychedelic music with the aim of overcoming musical boundaries that had been created in people’s minds due to the musical fragmentation happening nowadays in the Psychedelic Trance Movement. Creating a journey sui generis for his listeners is his biggest aspiration. Psychedelic Trance has to be approached from different angles, using the many colourful vibrations it offers. Therefore, sG4rY likes to play sets as long as possible in order to draw from the different musical influences he gets from befriended artists, musicians and freaks around the globe. Nightly journeys that disscolve towards the first glimpses of the new day as well as sending the crowd into the night with a powerful kick off, or even sunny variations with non-cheesy hypnotic daytime trance are all part of his repertoire. He loves that special energy during sunrise and sunset on the dancefloor and tries to use it for involving the crowd into a flow of certain feelings and sensations, sometimes humorous, sometimes gloomy or filled with deep emotions. His numerous various artist releases over the years on different labels mirror this passion for muscial variety and expression.“

🎵🎵🎵 Alternative-Floor (Keller) 🎵🎵🎵

– Nomiz [Mindspa Music]

– nbsp [G.O.N.Z, O]

– Dark Influence [G.O.N.Z,O/Mindspa Music]

– Rhubarb & Slaush [G.O.N.Z,O/Epplehaus]

✨✨✨ Deko ✨✨✨

Krabben Bande / Pagudea Tribe
– Illumination

💸 Eintritt 8 €

Fr, 16.02.2018 | Epplehaus Tübingen | 22 Uhr


16 Februar, 2018