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Trommeln, Tanz und Tausend Rhythmen – 4ALL FEST – Edition II

28 Oktober, 2017-22:00

4ALL FEST – Edition II

4 o’clock
DANCE WORKSHOP (For Children and Adults)

Tübingen based Dance and movement choreographer from Goa, India – Claron Fidelis Mazarello – will bring out some basic dance learnings 4All. With insights into dances from India, including a brush with a little of Bollywood, the workshop will focus on traditional and folk dances predominantly. Dances with cross cultural influences like Goan-Portuguese Dances will be showcased with a performance at the end by the participants.

6 o’clock
Film Screening – Caravan of Arab Film Festival Tübingen (www.arabisches-filmfestival.de)

The Band
A documentary by Albager Jaafar
Iraq 2016, 67 min., OF (Arabic) with engl. UT
The film tells the story of the music band Holum (Traum), which makes every effort to make their dream come true. The six musicians want to play Sufi music in their Iraqi hometown Sadr City. There is only one dilemma: in a city where music is forbidden, they can be murdered for making music. The film follows the band members who open themselves to the director and talk about their dreams and longings as well as about the harsh reality in which they are.

Sufi music presentation

The mystic genre of Sufi music, its connautation to Spirituality and this trancendental dance experience to this music could well be looked at a little bit more cosely when the chance arises. Ethnomusicologist Sandro Mellisano’s knowledge after travelling to Iran to study Sufi music culture is our best bet here in Tübungen. Be there for his presentation cum performance of Sufi music. After all, a Spiritual rhythm is 4ALL !

8 o’clock onwards
Drink & Draw Creative Workshop

‚Drink n Draw‘ simply means what it says. We’ll hang out together, have a drink or two (doesn’t matter if beer or tea, which will also be available of course) … and draw stuff. „We, (as in the bunch who predominantly do this at Epplehaus) usually have a theme, and I (Joannis, the founder of this concept along with a little help from his friends) already have an idea, but we can discuss this together. The drawings will be published in a small zine, which will be available a couple of days later, in the Epplehaus.“

9 o’clock
Musicians from Folklang

The Folklang, a collection of about 87 musicians from about 18 countries right here in Tübingen will send their smaller version to the Epplehaus (hopefully even outdoors if the weather so permits). With assistance from Susanne Christel and Kathryn Döhner this huge live collective will have their grand concert this December. And their performance here this October 28 will be a sneak peek into the music from Musicians from Folklang‘. So although they will not be all together, even as their clan of four to five performing, they are one … and one 4ALL !

10 o’clock
Spirits Arabia

Truly this band has a heart and can leave you humming a tune they played for weeks, which is why we decided to have more of them this time around at Epplehaus. There is much to clap about with Spirits Arabia, apart from trying out some Dabke dance moves (a traditional Arabic Dance from Syria) and learning a few too. A source of inspiration and integration with the package of Drums, Dance and a 1000 Rhythms – 4ALL !.

12 o’clock
Dj Jan

Originaly from Germany this man is about making grooves and moves from the broad genre of World Music. And interestingly his tastes delve deeper into tunes from culture, traditions and folk music – World music – as in 4ALL !



28 Oktober, 2017